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8 Free Shopify Apps We Love | Design Process

POV: You're falling for Shopify development even harder now, all thanks to your newfound knowledge of its array of free apps.

Embraced by industry giants like SKIMS, Tesla, Sephora, and more, Shopify stands tall with its expansive app ecosystem that covers pretty much anything and everything that a D2C brand owner will ever need. Amidst this vast selection, we have handpicked 8 free apps that literally make a Shopify store owner feel like royalty – empowered with a realm of truly boundless possibilities.

We mean, no wonder why over two million online stores breathe and live on Shopify.

Let’s quickly unveil these apps for you.

8 Free Apps to Ace Shopify Development

1. Kit: Your Digital Marketing Ally

After the exhilarating launch of your Shopify store, the journey has only just begun. Enter Kit – your virtual employee dedicated to unleashing the potential of Facebook ads, email marketing campaigns, and performance tracking. This AI-powered companion works tirelessly to identify potential customers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Seamlessly sending targeted messages and enticing offers, Kit's support even extends through the night, making sure you don't miss a beat.

2. Product Reviews: Amplify Your Brand's Voice

In today's digital marketplace, customer feedback reigns supreme. The Product Reviews app empowers you to integrate customer reviews seamlessly into your product pages. These invaluable insights not only encourage new customers but also aid your store's SEO efforts. In a world where 98% of consumers consider reviews before making a purchase, this app becomes a cornerstone of your brand's credibility.

3. Free Shipping Bar: The Power of Incentives

Free shipping can be the deciding factor for 34% of online shoppers. The Free Shipping Bar app capitalizes on this insight, displaying your enticing offer in a slide-out bar. Through progressive messaging, it encourages shoppers to reach the free shipping threshold, transforming visitors into loyal customers. Celebrate their achievement and boost conversion rates with this elegant solution.

4. SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero: Elevate Your Search Game

To SEO your Shopify means to make your online store visible to both the customers and the search engines. To fine-tune your store's performance and compare it to competitors, turn to the SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero app. It provides an in-depth analysis, highlighting areas for improvement and guiding your optimization efforts. With actionable insights, you can turn underperforming pages into conversion magnets.

5. Improved Contact Form: Forge Stronger Connections

Your Contact Us page is more than just a form—it's an opportunity to connect with your audience. The Improved Contact Form app introduces a user-friendly pop-up contact form, accessible from any page. This tool not only helps users reach out seamlessly but also offers insights into their location and browsing history. Leverage these insights for effective conversion rate optimization strategies.

6. PushOwl: Reclaim Abandoned Carts

Almost 70% of online shopping carts were abandoned in 2021. Don't let those potential sales slip away. Enter PushOwl—a dynamic app designed to re-engage visitors who've abandoned their carts. By sending automated push notifications, you can recapture their attention and guide them back to completing their purchase.

7. Shopcodes: The QR Code Revolution

In an age of digital innovation, QR codes are experiencing a renaissance. The Shopcodes app empowers you to generate these codes effortlessly. Customers can scan the codes with their mobile devices and instantly make a purchase. Whether in packaging inserts, pop-up shops, marketing materials, or physical displays, QR codes offer a new way to engage your audience and track their preferences.

8. Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots: Enhancing Customer Engagement and Sales

Tidio is a live chat app that can help you engage customers, address inquiries, and capture sales around the clock with automated systems. Though it is paid, it offers up to 100 events for free. It helps you elevate your Shopify store's customer experience and drive sales like never before.

Shopify Development Services that Empower...

With the right tools in your arsenal, such as these eight exceptional free Shopify apps, you can elevate your growth trajectory and forge lasting connections with your audience. Remember, behind every successful brand is a careful blend of technological innovation and human touch, and being a valued Shopify Partner, Design Process does just that.

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