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How to respond to online reviews and why google reviews matter.

We remember the time when we treated google as an online visiting card for our companies. It was just used for the feature of giving out a handful of information about our businesses - it’s location, phone number, the linked website, etc. Then Google Reviews added to the picture and twisted the game. Google switched from being just a visiting card to a rate card where everyone held their neutral ground. During the course where we realized Google reviews are important for our goodwill, the customers too understood their power. Having actual customers document their experience is the best way to market yourself and the companies realized it off late. As it’s unadulterated and raw, Google reviews help increase trust and credibility in your brand. Getting highlighted for your product and service helps Google’s algorithm in tracing keywords and in turn gives you a better ranking locally. While people understood how essential getting reviewed on Google is, people forgot that our reputation still lies in our hands A client who instead of just yielding monetary benefits took time out to write or rate your business which as a result affected your brand’s purchasing power. It’s time you return it with a response and acknowledgment, and let Design Process tell you how: Positive Review : 1) Be indebted - Thank your reviewer for their way of investing themselves in a local business. Let them hear from you how much it matters. 2) Appreciation Loop - Consider their patience and optimism as a customer and add it to your comments.

3) Don’t Ctr + V - Like every client is different and every review is different, your response to it should also be - Different. 4) Be aware - Your generosity and candidness are being watched by your future consumers, and it directly impacts your first impression as an entity. 5) Trace Loyalty - Build a connection with your reviewer and welcome their next visit. Negative Review : 1) Delete It - Haha Gotcha! You can’t delete a Google review mate, Read the 2nd pointer! 2) Take Control - You can’t control the reviewer, but you can control your response. Clear your mind and fill every ounce with integrity back into your system before you draft a reply. 3) Honesty over Denial - Don’t be defensive instead accept your mistakes and give them the honest apology they deserve as the bare minimum.

4) Subtle cross-over - Ask them how can you help them, how can you connect with them or any question that raises the chances of a one-on-one communication. 5) Offer while you bow - As much as we hate bad reviews our clients love a materialistic gesture. A refund, coupon, voucher anything that helps you retain the client.

Let Team Design Process guide you with a couple of examples: (Positive) “Thank You Ms. XYZ for this generous review, it means so much to a small - scale business, like ours. We inturn thank you for choosing us and being patient with our assistance. Team ABC looks forward to your next visit.” (Negative) “It’s unfortunate to hear it our dear customer, and we share our sincere apologies. Team XYZ wants to make it up to you, can you share your E mail address? We would gladly refund in your credits. It will be our pleasure.” Feel Free to Ctr + C this ;)

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