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8 Easy Online Lead Generation Tactics to Try in 2023

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Terms like PPC Marketing, SEO Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy, etc. are being overused these days as the functioning of modern-day businesses relies heavily on them. However, the end goal of all these key elements remains the same, generating leads and closing sales.

Lead generation is like the élan vital to any business as 91% of businesses claim lead generation to be their prime goal and 53% of marketers use at least half of their marketing expenditure is done for lead generation.

There are plenty of methods used by marketers to generate leads, however, some lead-generation strategies work better than others. Especially considering the digital age, where prospective customers spend at least 81% of their time doing online research, generating leads is no longer a piece of cake.

If you are someone who is going looking forward to revamping your content marketing strategy for generating highly convertible leads, here are 8 lead generation strategies that you must consider to become a LEAD MAGNET.

What is a lead in a business and what factors determine an ideal lead?

In terms of digital businesses, a lead is a person who shows interest in your service or product and has a fair chance to close a sale. Online leads may show their interest in your product or service by:

  • Subscribing to the email newsletter

  • Following your business’s social media channel

  • Clicking on your Google Ads, etc.

An ideal content marketing strategy involves a buyer persona that could be leveraged to identify ideal leads for your businesses and some common factors to describe the same involve:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Interests or hobbies

  • Household income

  • Education

  • Location

  • Pain points, etc.

8 Easy ways that can help you generate leads online

  1. End-goal should be the beginning

  2. Chat with them

  3. Keep the interactive content the hero of your content marketing strategy

  4. Keep your contact number right there

  5. Targeted Pay Per Click Advertisements are the right investments

  6. Stay open to collaboration

  7. Make Quora your good friend

  8. Do not miss your SEO Strategy

End-goal should be the beginning

The online lead generation funnel of any typical business involves a few basic steps that go like: marketing, demand generation, nurturing, and sales. In terms of customers, these steps involve:

  • Marketing – Leads

  • Demand generation – Targets and Prospects

  • Nurturing – Qualified

  • Sales – End users

Understand it better with the below image:

This is how an online sales funnel typically goes; however, your content marketing strategy must consist of a sales funnel that suits best your own business needs.

Keeping a sales funnel ahead of time will define your end goal right in front of your eyes providing you with a clear vision and path.

Chat with them

What is your prime goal while implementing an SEO strategy or Pay Per Click Advertisements on your website?

To drive traffic.

But after the user has successfully landed on your page and may be spent enough time on the same, you have to make sure that he leaves as a potential lead. And the best way to do so is to implement a live chat feature on your website.

Modern-day customers expect quick response and resolution making live chat an ideal option to:

  • Enhance conversion rates

  • Grab the contact details of the visitors

  • Proactive relationship at very first instance

  • Round-the-clock availability

Keep the interactive content the hero of your content marketing strategy

Engagement marketing is the new normal in marketing as not only does it help in lead generation but at the same time, helps in building a stronger relationship with the customers. Customers are keen to provide you with their information if you are able to engage with them and interactive content helps you with the same.

Various content formats like surveys, quizzes, polls, etc. are available at easy disposal and require much lesser effort.

Consider this example:

If you are a make-up brand, you could appeal to the customers to choose their skin tone or similar questions in a survey and upon answering the same, you may ask for their contact details for recommending suitable beauty products.

You may use our “3 Customer Engagement Strategies That a Smart Marketer Won’t Miss” to develop a compelling customer engagement pathway for your business.

Keep your contact number right there

Putting a phone number right on the website can contribute a lot to creating trust and credibility.

Especially, putting your phone number on the top of your home page can grab instant attention. Just put yourself in their shoes, wouldn’t you be considering it an extra effort of the seller?

Even if the customers don’t actually make a call to you, by doing this, actually they can relax with the thought that you are just a dial away from them.

Targeted Pay Per Click Advertisements are the right investments

PPC Marketing may sound expensive to many business owners as adding money to your Google Ads account on a daily basis may feel like a hole in your pocket. However, on the brighter side, investing a little amount in your daily pay-per-click advertisements could help you achieve a very high reach in just a very little matter of time when compared with organic efforts.

Since 33% of the search traffic naturally diverts to the no. 1 position on the SERP, which is only possible with the help of pay-per-click advertisements, it can be considered the right investment for generating leads.

Here are sure-shot reasons to invest your money in PPC Marketing:

  • Reach the visitors who are fetching something similar to your offerings

  • Rank on keywords immediately and bring quick traffic

  • Alter your messages/emails according to what your audience is searching

  • Track ROI in-depth

  • Grow your leads database and utilize it in remarketing

Stay open to collaboration

You might have heard that sharing your knowledge with someone will eventually help you to grow. Collaboration works similarly to this. In most cases, there are one or many businesses that could complement your service and may help you with the lead generation with the help of referrals.

Understand this with these examples:

  • A modeling agency may have clients who could use the services of a photographer.

  • An estate planner may have clients who could be leveraged by a tax accountant.

The photographer and the tax accountant can reciprocate the referrals if someone requires services related to a modeling agency and estate planning respectively.

All you have to do is find, communicate, and network with the businesses that offer products or services that could complement your businesses and work with them to enhance both their and your content marketing strategy at the same time.

Make Quora your good friend

Quora is a highly popular online community and has over 300+ million active users, and missing on it may mean staying deprived of 300+ active online people who can also be your online leads. Apart from just search engines and social media channels, your content marketing strategy must involve Quora if you don’t want to avoid this deprivation.

Here are some amazing things that Quora could do for you:

  • You can directly interact with your users by answering their questions.

  • You can help your users with honest and straightforward answers and show them that you care.

  • You can add a link to your website and leverage it as an opportunity to market yourself.

Even if not Quora, there are plenty of other question-and-answer platforms on the Internet too that work on the concept of interaction among users, like Yahoo answers, and etc. You may also use online community websites like Reddit to go a bit more advanced after all, all you need is an account.

Do not miss your SEO Strategy

No matter how much content you create, without performing strong SEO tactics on it, it is unlikely to attract traction on the same, it is like fries without ketchup. It is impossible for a website to be discovered if it is not properly optimized and this is where an SEO strategy comes into play.

An SEO Strategy specifically works for the ranking of the website and every effort is made to enable the search engine bots in discovering the content.

In this case, a well-equipped SEO strategy that emphasizes the optimization of all the little unnoticed elements on a SERP like meta tags could help you get more visibility on the search engines. The common meta tags that you should pay attention to could be:

  • Title tags – Limit your title tags to only 160 characters so that the entire title could be seen at a glance.

  • Meta description – This is the HTML summary of the content on your page and hence should be short and must have the focus keyword.

Final note

The lead generation practices shared in this article are some of the best methods to acquire convertible leads. However, you must figure out what works best for you and modify your strategy accordingly to drive better results.

Don’t forget that you have to imply these strategies consistently, where ever you find the opportunity, to make it work.

You have successfully learned some easy and proven lead generation strategies and you must be looking forward to learning to convert these leads into customers.

If yes, read our guide to convert these leads into customers: Simple steps to convert website visitors into customers

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